Julia’s Halloween Costume

Julia's Halloween Costume

acrylic on canvas


Another Untitled Painting

Another Untitled Painting

acrylic on upholstery fabric

One of my painting instructors criticized my use of “out of the tube” colors.  His argument was that I wasn’t experimenting with mixing colors.  I felt like arguing that I’d been painting for 25 years and had certainly done far more color mixing experimentation than he could see from the work I presented in his 10-week class, but I realized that it wouldn’t matter to him because he wasn’t there to see it.  So I did what he asked of me to shut him up, ended up with a few paintings I didn’t really like and subsequently painted over them.  Every time I have seen this instructor after I finished his class, he has asked me, “Are you still painting?”

I don’t have the heart to tell him that I had painted for over two decades prior to his class and I don’t paint because his class made me feel inspired to paint.  Nor did it inspire me to stop painting, despite his well-intentioned criticism.